Racial makeup of us congress

Racial makeup of us congress The more important question is whether or not these statistics make a difference in the way the Congress functions as a representative body.
House as a whole is comparatively less important than the degree to which individual House members and Senators reflect the views and characteristics of the people in their individual districts or states.
Hispanic man could represent a black woman if the focus was promoting the interests of the represented individual or individuals.
It is likely that Madison would have thought any discussion of the demographic dimensions of representation irrelevant.
Keith Ellison of Minnesota became the first practicing Muslim to become a member of the United States Congress.
Current congresswoman Tammy Baldwin is the first and so far only open lesbian to win election to Congress.
One member served as a parliamentary aide in the British House of Commons and one served as a Foreign Service Officer .
Senators Frank Lautenberg and Daniel Akaka became the last remaining World War II veterans in the Senate after Senator Daniel Inouye died of respiratory complications.
Representatives Ralph Hall and John Dingell are the only remaining WWII veterans in the House of Representatives.
Presidential election of 2008 and becoming the first African American to be elected President of the United States.
Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo of New Mexico became the first Hispanic to be elected to the United States Senate.
Filipino American in Congress to the highest point since the Philippine Islands had been represented as a territory.
South Asian American in Congress and is one of only two Indian Americans to be elected to the legislature.
House Speaker John Boehner swears in the newly elected members of the 113th Congress in the House Chambers on Jan.
Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and Democrats controlled the Senate as a result of the 2012 elections .
Democrat Barack Obama was beginning his second term in the White House after a 2012 election victory over Republican Mitt Romney .
The makeup of the 113th Congress is similar to that of the 112th Congress in that Republicans controlled the House and Democrats controlled the Senate.
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I spent an hour tonight procrastinating on schoolwork and ended up calculating the percentages by race and gender of people in the United States and comparing them to the percentages by race and gender of members of the US Congress.
These numbers show the disparity between the population of the United States and their representation in Congress.
The total population numbers broken down by race will not add up to the total population estimated in July 2007 because of the way in which the Census numbers are reported and how they must be manipulated in order for us to compare them with the Congress demographic information.
I calculated the number of whites in Congress by subtracting members of the other racial groups from the total membership.
I similarly calculated the number of men in Congress by subtracting the women from the total Congressional membership.
It should be noted that transgender and genderqueer people are basically left out of the Census process altogether.

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